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My name is Glyn Morgan. I currently teach in the Political Science Department in the Maxwell School at Syracuse University, where I also serve as Director of the Moynihan European Union Center and Director of Graduate Studies.

Before teaching at Syracuse University, I taught in the Government Department and the Committee on Social Studies at Harvard University.

I can be reached most easily by email at or


I am teaching an undergraduate and graduate class on Ethics and International Relations.

You can email me for a syllabus.


I am not teaching.


Ethics and International Relations (undergraduate)

Classical Social Theory: Smith, Marx, Weber, Durkheim, Habermas (grad)


I am primarily a political philosopher, but also have interests in European politics--particularly the European Union--and the sociology of religion. Within political philosophy, my chief interests these days include: the history of eighteenth and nineteenth century political thought; the ethics of international relations; nationalism; European integration; and the idea of toleration.

I am currently working on a number of different topics, including (i) John Stuart Mill: (ii) the Eurozone Crisis--a sequel (if that's the right word) to my book on European Integration; (iii) God--why he's still around after all these years; and (iv) college sports--why it's an oxymoron.

I'm also interested in fiction, mysteries and thrillers mostly.

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